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 Wild West Theme Party Prop Hire

Welcome to our Wild West event prop hire page available for hire throughout Surrey. This is your chance to get dressed in those chequered shirts and dust off those cowboy boots as we bring you all the fun of the wild west!

Please call 0845 409 8521 with your enquiry or

email: sales@funcasinohiresurrey.co.uk

Whatever event, party or function you are organising out Western themed props will be sure to delight, whether it be a Wedding, Corporate Party, or Themed Ball.

Huge backdrops, statues, lighting, Cactpoi and rickety fencing complete with jailhouse and shop fronts.

We have a huge range of props and theming available that can enhance any room. From table centres and backdrops to our fantastic Wild West statues we can give your event the excitement and fun that you would expect from the Wild, Wild West,

Packages can be adapted to your exact requirements and we have many more props and entertainments available. Please do not hesitate to contact us for further details on our western/wild west event prop hire

Cowboy (2).

Please call 0845 409 8521 with your enquiry or

email: sales@funcasinohiresurrey.co.uk

Wild West - jailhouse

Please see below for an example of one packages:  The John Wayne Package:

Indian Chief – This magnificent 3 dimensional Indian chief statue stands at over 6 ft tall and has an over powering effect on the room.

Cowboy – Another of our 3D statues is a classic cowboy holding a saddle. Standing at 6 ft he’s a great addition to the room.

Wild West Back Drop – Our fantastic 20’ x 10’ backdrop creates a scene of the wild west and one that will lift the room to another level.

Sets(6′ x 6′) – Jailhouse, Bank and Saloon scenery will add that extra something to the room.

Cactii – Standing at over 7 ft tall, our 2D wooden cactus are a fun addition to the theming of the room.

Wagon Wheels – A number of small props will be placed around the room and between other scenery which will leave a subtle yet effective look.

Flags – Stars and Stripes drapes located around the room give a flavour to the American way of life

Flambeaus – Our silk flame lights will create a beautiful focal point and with interchangeable colours can fit with any theme.

Town Signs – With various signs situated throughout the room ensures the atmosphere is not lost, anywhere.

Bucking Bronco – What Western Theme Party can be complete without our Rodeo Bull, Yeeeeha!

Casino Tables – The perfect choice for the saloon bar are our casino tables, from Black Jack to Roulette a sure winner complete with cowboy/Indian croupiers

Quick Draw – ‘make my day’- fastest shot wins’

Line Dancing – will get everyone to the dance floor, but maybe some of the Cowboys/girls are just there to watch.

Tequila Boys and Girls – Tequila shots are the order of the day, offered by our costumed tequila boys and girls

Cork Shoot – literally a big hit with all Cowboys and Indians!

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Our John Wayne Package offers a huge selection of props and backdrops that will cater for any size room. Below are items that are included within the package.

 2 life size 3D Statues of Wild West Statues Actors

One 20’ x 10’(6m x 3m) Western Backdrop

Ranch Fencing

4 x Stars and Stripes Drapes

2 x Flambeaus (Silk flame lights)

4 x Wild West Props (Lanterns, saddles etc)

4 x 2D Cactus

3 x Wagon Wheels

6 x Hay Sacks

2 x 6’ x 6’ Scenery Sets

8 Up-lighters

 Price for the John Wayne Theme Package is £1500 plus VAT

There is no delivery charge for all Wild West prop hire in Surrey.

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Our Wild Wild West prop and entertainment packages can be adapted to your exact requirement. If you want to see our full ‘Pick n Mix’ range please do not hesitate to contact us.

Please call 0845 409 8521 with your enquiry or

email: sales@funcasinohiresurrey.co.uk