LED Furniture Hire

Illuminated LED furniture is one of our real passions at funcasinohire-london to make sure your event looks as good as it possible can. From our LED lightcubes to our LED illuminated cocktail bar we can customise your event to tailor to your specific desires with our colour-changing and exciting range of decorations and items.

LED Colour-changing Lightcubes
These versatile cubes provide both a source of customizable lighting, ranging from static colours of your choice, to oscillating between the full range of colours, battery powered so lacking all of the hazardous cables of normal lighting and easy to move, these cubes are a fantastic addition to any event.

Perfect as accesories to dot around the venue, or to provide seating, these cubes provide a dual purpose, though they are especially fitting when coupled with our other illuminated items such as the LED Cocktail Bar and LED Plinths, be sure to ask us about our reccomendations to provide you with our wide range of fully adjustable and colourful LED furniture.

LED Poseur Table’s

These attractive bar/standing tables feature the same flexiblity our other furniture holds, with a range of colour to choose or oscillation between all of them the tables are perfect for any event.

Like the lightcubes the poseur tables are battery powered and covered with a tight form cover these tables go well with our full range of LED furniture, though especially suits pairing up with our LED Cocktail Bar and LED Lightcubes.

LED Cocktail Bars

These fantastic bar’s come with customisable lighting, ranging from static colours of your choosing, to oscillating between the full rage of colours. A great centre piece, these mobile bar’s provide a colourful and popular service at any events, stocked with alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and staffed by our expert cocktail waiters, if you need a bar at your event, look no further.

This bar is a fantastic centre piece and can be truly complimented with our LED Cubes, LED Bar Tables, LED dancefloor hire, and LED Banqueting Tables . The cocktail bars come in 5′ sections and can be joined together as required we also have angled bars to create.

LED Dancefloors

These amazing mobile dancefloors can be brought to your venue and set up by our experienced staff quickly and efficiently. Preset with a huge range of colour schemes and patterns these dancefloors provide an attractive centrepiece.

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